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Abundant Heart Activation

This 8-week transformational journey will guide you back to your heart and body so you can be in communion with your sacred energy. This communion with yourself will support you in enjoying life more fully.

This is the only program that integrates the best of the best of yogic science, breathwork, energy activations, alchemy and so much more, in a way that brings only love, self-care, and actual transformation. 

The empowering weekly modules of the Abundant Heart Activation will help increase your energy, help you return to your own power, and give you the boost you need to continue helping others without draining yourself. 

Each week of the 8-week journey will include:

  • A professionally recorded guided meditation journey and energy activations with binaural beats
  • Abundant Heart Activations (Hillary’s own form of energy healing work)
  • HD videos of Breathwork, Meditation, and select Kundalini Yoga Kriyas
  • PDF copies of weekly teachings
  • PDF playbooks + journals  designed to awaken and inspire

Each week comes with an introductory video, a PDF journal with inspiring questions and a PDF of the teaching notes for the week: 

WEEK ONE: Strengthening Your Inner Roots (grounding and embodiment)

  • Abundant Heart Activation for Embodiment 
  • Grounding Deep Relaxation and Embodiment Activation 
  • Exercise: Grounding Cord Activation 
  • Grounding Hatha Yoga Practice 
  • Connecting the Pink Diamonds Meditation


WEEK TWO:  Cultivating Heart Space (and creating a space of love around you)

  • Abundant Heart Activation 
  • Heart Space Kundalini Meditation 
  • Creating a Space of Love Guided Meditation


WEEK THREE:  Honoring your Sensitivity (energy clearing and tools for energetically sensitive souls)

  • Abundant Heart Activation for Embracing Sensitivity. 
  • Energy Clearing and Activation
  • Exercise: Rose Tool Audio
  • Divine Protection and Angelic Connection Meditation 


WEEK FOUR: Embracing your Inner Child (healing the past and creating a beautiful future with your innocence/inner child)

  •  Abundant Heart Activation for your Inner Child 
  • Kundalini Practice Sat Kriya
  • Inner Child Meditation and Magic Castle Creation


WEEK FIVE: Alchemy of breath (the transformational power of prana:

  •  Abundant Heart Activation on the Alchemy of Breath
  •  Pranic Energy Activation
  •  Kundalini Pranayama Breath of Fire and Love Intregrator
  •  Alchemy of Breath and Law of Light Meditation


WEEK SIX: Creating your Path to Prosperity (and activating your soul’s purpose)

  •  Abundant Heart Activation for Prosperity Consciousness
  •  Purpose and Prosperity Meditation
  • Kundalini Prosperity Meditation 
  • Prosperity Activation and Exercise


WEEK SEVEN: Becoming your Beloved (Rising in Love with Yourself to support you in calling in your soul partner or increasing the love and connection in your current relationships.)

  • Abundant Heart Activation for uniting the Divine Feminine and Masculine 
  • Self-care Yoga Practice Reiki Flow
  • Becoming Your Beloved Guided Meditation 


WEEK EIGHT: Abundant Heart Integration (being the Resilient you)

  • Full Abundant Heart Integration 
  • Self Healing with Love Meditation 
  • Full Kundalini Yoga Kriya for balance, pranic energy and self healing. 
  • Whole You, Resilient Heart Meditation

All the materials will be delivered to you in a google drive folder organized by each week’s module of materials. You can take in the materials weekly or at your own pace from the comfort of your home.


The Abundant Heart Activation is worth over $997 USD

But this special sacred invitation to return to your heart and fill your cup you can receive it for $97: 

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Or if you would like to couple this program with a 1:1 personal healing for yourself 

and your inner child it is $222 USD.

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Empower Your
Inner Healer Package

What is included…

All levels of the Kundalini Reiki training including comprehensive PDF workbooks and over 7 hours worth of training video.

Three one on one private sessions with Hillary where you will receive all three Kundalini Reiki Attunements.

These sessions will include the Attunements as well as intuitive coaching and deep healing to help you clear whatever may be in the way of you stepping out as a healer.

We can focus on you expanding your intuition, business support and putting offering together or whatever will support you in stepping into your role as an empowered healer.

Kundalini Reiki will help you open your energy channels and centers so you can embody and overflow more healing light for the benefit of all.

This is a rare opportunity to receive all three Kundalini Reiki teachings including comprehensive PDF workbooks and training videos as well as all three Attunement 1::1 with Hillary Faye.

Kundalini Reiki is one of the most popular forms of Reiki available today and was brought to us by meditation master Ole Gabrielsen, through the Ascended Master Kuthumi.

Kundalini Reiki Training includes attunement and certification in Diamond Reiki, Crystalline Reiki, DNA Reiki, Reiki for healing trauma from birth, Location Reiki and Past life Reiki!

Kundalini Reiki is very simple and effective because it is based purely on intention. It helps you expand your intuition and energetic potential. Kundalini Reiki also works well with all other types of Reiki and energy healing systems.

What is included:

Kundalini Reiki I Certification and Attunement includes:

  • You will receive a 1:1 Attunement that will open the flow of Reiki energy through your chakras and meridians, particularly your crown, heart, throat, and palms of your hands.
  • You will learn a simple and effective way to do a hands-on healing, long distance healing, and self-healing using intention.
  • You will learn how to cleanse, clear and charge a room or a house.
  • How to heal karma or karmic bands (relationship cords) between ourselves and others.
  • Healing for specific situations and qualities.

Kundalini Reiki II Certification and Attunement Includes:

  • You will receive an Attunement that will open the flow of Reiki energy through your first, second and third chakras to prepare you for the safe yet powerful flow of Kundalini Reiki in the Master/Level III Attunement.
  • You will learn how to heal using Kundalini Reiki Energy.
  • You will learn the Kundalini Reiki Meditation for keeping your energy clear and flowing.
  • A simple technique for balancing energy.


Kundalini Reiki III Master Certification and Attunement Includes:

  • At the Master Level, you learn how to teach all three levels of Kundalini Reiki.
  • You will receive an Attunement which will open all the seven main chakras fully to Universal Life Force Energy, in particular, the root chakra will be open to channel more Kundalini energy from the earth and the crown chakra will be open to channel more Universal Life Force (Reiki Energy) from the Creator.
  • With your Kundalini Reiki Master Training you will also be attuned to the following and trained to do these healings: Diamond Reiki, Crystalline Reiki, DNA Reiki, Reiki for healing trauma from birth, Location Reiki and Past life Reiki and more.

All three levels of the Kundalini Reiki Certification + three private attunements and empower you inner healer sessions with Hillary are worth $1859. The Kundalini Reiki Certification on its own is worth $1100.

I am offering $1111.00 off this empower your inner healer package so,

you can receive it for $748. 

Pay in full using a card:

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Pay in full $748 USD or the first payment of the 3 month payment plan $267 USD.

Send the Paypal to: yoursacredplatform@gmail.com

Telepathic Communication Package

If you are looking to open your telepathy and expand your inner vision this is for you!

The telepathic connection package includes two 70 minute one on one intuitive healing/coaching sessions with Hillary. During these sessions we can clear and heal telepathic blocks from this lifetime,  past lifetimes, any timeline, person or fear that may have created a veil between you and your clearest psychic senses. Receive the one on one support to bring deep healing to your channels of telepathy and renew and strengthen them so that you may channel your higher self, your spirit guides, the divine, the star families of light, the archangels, ascended masters, your animal spirit guides and more.

Receive the healing, coaching and accountabilty to deepen your ability to channel. 

This special package includes all online resources for the Attuning to the Animal Kingdom Course. This is by far one of the most powerful courses I’ve ever taught which helps you to open your heart to telepathic communication. In this course you will receive many healings, clearings, Attunements and Energetic upgrades.

What you will receive in the Telepathic Communication Package…

Two 70 minute one on one intuitive healing/coaching sessions with Hillary.

Ability to start when you are ready! 

Attuning to the Animal Kingdom Course including: 

  • Replays of the Five 2 hour zoom modules.  
  • PDF workbook for each module.
  • Morning guided start your day with the light, strength and protection of your animal spirit team ritual meditation (PDF and professionally recorded audio meditation with binaural beats).
  • Guided fall asleep receiving clearing, love and wisdom from your animal guides meditation with binaural beats. 
  • Your third eye will be attuned to open your telepathic connection with the animal kingdom, both living animals and animal spirits (totems).
  • Lifetime access to the meditations and replays. 

The Telepathic Communication Package retails at $1221

But the special offer is will save you $642 off of the retail price and

you can receive this package for only $597 USD 

Pay in full using a card:

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Ground and Grow
your Sacred Platform

Will support you in creating:

  • An authentic online brand/platform/business that you are PASSIONATE about
  • Clarity about your future direction
  • A sustainable income beyond month-to-month
  • Confidence to skillfully manage every aspect of your business
  • An enhanced ability to manage your business from your heart and intuition
  • A larger network of potential students and clients
  • A simple path of progression for your students and clients
  • More balance in all aspects of your life and business​​