Lemurian keys:
Embrace the True You

Unleash Your Inner Superpowers with the Lemurian Keys!


Empower up with this 1:1 program, filled with three of my most potent programs to help you unlock your magnetism, step into your eternal mystic self and awaken your telepathic gifts!

The Lemurian Keys 1:1 program includes 10 one-on-one sessions with me (Hillary Faye)!


Experience the Power of Personalized Healing with 10 (60-minute) one-on-one healing sessions.

Bask in the light of compassion and benefit from deep healing and intuitive guidance, custom-tailored for your needs and desires.

Each session unlocks a world of possibilities that may include but are not limited to…

  • Inner child healing
  • Cellular healing of trauma
  • Clearings/Etheric Surgery
  • Past life healing
  • Reclaiming your energy and essence
  • Opening your channels of receptivity and prosperity
  • Connecting more deeply to your soul’s purpose
  • Healing relationships
  • Nervous System Healing
  • Aura Repair
  • Endocrine & Adrenal Healing
  • Physical healing
  • Soul Essence Reading – find out what mystic being you are starseed/angel/fairy etc.
  • Parts Therapy – inner self-healing.


Each session offers a sanctuary of restorative healing, compassion, and intuitive guidance.


You are invited to embark on a transformative journey with me…

Picture yourself opening your magnetic presence, embodying your eternal mystic self, and awakening your telepathic abilities.

The Power-Packed Lumerian Key Program includes 10 (60-minute) one-on-one healing sessions and three of my most powerful programs!

Each of the following 3 programs is loaded with 5 potent modules (videos) and includes a morning meditation and evening meditation!

🌟 Here's what awaits you:

🗝️ Program 1: Magnetic Receptivity


Immerse Yourself in the Power of Quantum Magnetism and Embrace the Art of Receiving.

Unlock the Love, Wealth, and Divine Power Within You in Just 5 Weeks! Peel back the layers of blockages that stop you from soaking in the deep nourishment your soul craves. Open your channels to welcome the universe’s bountiful supply! In this journey, discover how to tap into the unified field and call on powerful energies to help you feel more full and revitalized than ever before!

Discover more by clicking here: https://www.magneticreceptivity.com


🔮 Program 2: 5D initiations

Dive into the depths of your multi-dimensional being. Activate your 5th-dimensional light body through a potent series of clearings, healings, profound meditations, visualizations, downloads, upgrades and attunements offered by the purest multidimensional beings of light.

Explore further here: https://5dinitiations.com/

🌌 Program 3: Attuning to the Animal Kingdom


Awaken your telepathic abilities. Receive clearings, attunements, energy upgrades and wisdom activations from living and ascended animal spirits. Build your own healing team of animal spirit guides who’ll have your back, uplift your spirit, and help you flourish. Unleash the magic of your animal spirit guides! Get up close and personal with your spirit animals to unlock their boundless love and wisdom.

Boost Your Telepathy and Intuition with the Source and all of your guides!

Dive deeper here:: https://attuningtotheanimalkingdom.com/


Lumerian Keys flow of sessions and courses:

  • Magnetic Receptivity Course (First Phase):
    • We begin with three one-on-one sessions dedicated to the Magnetic Receptivity course. This initial phase lays the foundation for your journey.
  • 5D Initiations Integration (Second Phase):
    • After completing the Magnetic Receptivity course, we proceed with three additional one-on-one sessions to support the integration of the profound 5D Initiations.
  • Telepathy and Animal Spirit Guide Development (Third Phase):
    • In the next stage, you’ll engage in three one-on-one sessions to nurture your telepathic abilities.
  • Final Integration Session (Culminating Phase):
    • To ensure that everything learned and experienced is fully integrated, we conclude with a final session that brings all the elements of your transformative journey together.

Take advantage of this opportunity to embody your true divine nature. The Lemurian Keys await you.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey?