Magnetic Receptivity

A Quantum Journey to Open Your Heart’s Receptivity

5 weeks of opening your channels to truly receive more love, divine connection, and wealth and release blocks that prevent you from feeling deeply nourished.

Tap into all that is available to you through the unified field and learn how to call in supportive energies that will help you feel more replenished on a cellular level.

5D Initiations

Claim your fifth-dimensional citizenship.

Activate your 5th-dimensional energetic template through 5 weeks of clearings, healings, deep meditations, visualizations, downloads, upgrades and attunements offered by the purest multidimensional beings of light.

Alchemically attune your physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies, as well as your heart and soul into coherence with the delicious harmonic frequencies of the oneness of the 5th dimension.

Fairy Queen Council Initiations

8-week alchemical journey of merging with your mystic self! 

Deepen your connection to the alchemy and wonder of the fairy and elemental kingdom. Reactivate your past life magical abilities and live from your truly eternal Self.  Receive support to reopen your true, lighthearted essence. Reawaken to the ancient wisdom of flower and tree medicine. Learn the ancient art of fairy healing and light language. Create from a higher frequency of joy and play.


A 5 week journey to deepen your telepathic connection to the love and wisdom of the Majestic Animal Kingdom.

Receive clearings, attunements, energy upgrades and wisdom activations from living and ascended animal spirits. Build your own healing team of animal spirit guides that will energetically protect you and inspire you to live a richer and more empowered life. Get clear on your main animal spirit guides and learn how to access heart coherence with them so you can channel their love and wisdom.