Reiki I

Reiki is within us all. Reiki level I is designed to help you relax into wholeness, boost your immune system function, rejuvenate and awaken your inner healer. Reiki (pronounced “Ray’-Key”) is a holistic energy-based healing modality, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing.

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Reiki II

Do you feel called to dive deeper into the healing power of Reiki? Reiki Level II will deepen your experience of Reiki energy and teach you how to facilitate distance healing. You will learn how to bring the Universal Life Force, Reiki energy across all time and space. You will receive two additional sacred Reiki symbols and learn how they can be incorporated into a Reiki session

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Reiki Master Teacher Training

Reiki Master Teacher Training is an awakening of inner mastery. One of the joys and honors of Reiki Mastership is the ability to teach and attune others to Reiki. Reiki Mastery raises your vibration, boosts your personal practice and helps you become a clearer channel of your Divine Self, which assists the whole planet.

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“Having the ability to connect with Hillary is the best part of my day. She is kind, warm, and you can immediately feel her bliss. Hillary has a gift of making others feel safe and comfortable. I have always felt appreciated by Hillary, which is a special quality for me to experience. Hillary is committed to helping others. Her passion shows through her willingness to give her time as an advocate for mental and spiritual health. Meeting Hillary was truly a gift from divine Creator, one I relish. I hope you take the opportunity to learn from her as I have.”

- Gregg Angel Martinez, MACL Counselor