November Self Care and Empowerment Extravaganza

25% to 80% off my most transformational programs and sessions!

Scroll all the way down to see all the specials! These discounts are available until Dec 12th! (12/12/2023)

Special offer 1:


Lemurian keys: Embrace the True You (25% off)!

Empower up with this 1:1 program, filled with three of my most potent programs to help you unlock your magnetism, step into your eternal mystic self and awaken your telepathic gifts!

2 options to join:

Package A: The full program with 10 (1:1 sessions on Zoom) and all three programs is $1500 off! ($4500 instead of $6000) or 6 monthly payments of $767

Package B: The first KEY with 3 (1:1 sessions on Zoom) and the first program: Magnetic Receptivity is $500 off! ($1347 instead of $1847) or monthly payments of $461

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Special offer 2:


The Confident Empowered Healer 1:1 Mentorship (25% off)! 

The program includes ten 60-minute live Zoom sessions to help you gain confidence as an energy healer, awaken your intuitive healing powers, empower your gifts, strengthen your connections to universal healing energy, and become a powerful conduit of healing for yourself and others. As well as training resources including Ceremonial Healing, EFT, Cellular Alchemy Process, Usui Reiki Master Certification, Kundalini Reiki Master Certification, Parts Work Therapy, Etheric Surgery, and Multidimensional Healing with Light Language. 
2 options to join:
Package A: The full program with 10 (1:1 sessions on Zoom) and all resources is $1500 off! ($4500 instead of $6000) or 6 monthly payments of $767

Package B: 3 (1:1 sessions on Zoom) and select training videos $500 off! ($1347 instead of $1847) or monthly payments of $461

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Special offer 3:


40% discount off a 30-minute 1:1 healing session on Zoom or the phone! 

During a one-on-one session with Hillary Faye, you will receive deep healing, compassion and intuitive guidance on whatever you may be looking for support with.
This is your chance to bring deep healing to anything that you may be experiencing physically, emotionally, mentally or energetically.

We can accomplish a lot during your 30-minute session!

Special Price: $119 instead of ($200 regular price). Limit 1 per person. The 40% off is only available for the first 20 people who book their session. 

Special offer 4: 50% on the Arcturian Crystal Chamber Audio Programs & 80% off all 3 Programs!

Program 1: Crystal Chamber Nervous System Regeneration

Activate the Most Advanced Frequency Technology in Our Galaxy
This program includes six healing activation MP3s that anchor in the frequency of the Arcturian Crystal Chambers and provide powerful healing for your nervous system.
50% off and pay only $97 instead of $222

Program 2: Crystal Chamber Hormone Harmonizer:

Unlock Your Body’s Highest Harmonic Alignment
Immersing Yourself in the Arcturian Crystal Healing Chambers amplified by Vogel Crystal Etheric Healing Wands! This program contains eight powerful healing activation MP3’s, one for each major gland within your endocrine system. When you press play, the harmonic consciousness of the Arcturian Crystal Healing Chamber will activate around you. 
50% off and pay $147 instead of $297! 

Program 3: Crystal Chamber Aura Repair:

Recharge and Fortify Your Energy Body
If you’re seeking to rejuvenate and energize your vitality, maintain a clear energy channel, and strengthen your divine connection—all while safeguarding against energy depletion, boundary breaches, and unwanted negative influences—then I invite you to discover the pinnacle of energy repair, care and protection. Each one of the 7 MP3s offers a CUSTOMIZED activation of light, healing, regeneration, repair, and protection for a layer of YOUR UNIQUE energy body.
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50% off and pay $197 instead of $444! 

SPECIAL 80% off all 3 Crystal Chamber Programs:

The biggest special of the November Self-care and Empowerment Extravaganza is that you can receive all three crystal chamber audio programs at 80% off! 

Instead of paying the $1185 regular price, you can pay only $247!

Receive lifetime access to all three of these transformational MP3 programs (Crystal Chamber Nervous System Regeneration, Hormone Harmonizer & Aura Repair) filled with Binaural Beats and solfeggio frequencies that will guide you into the highest harmony.

The special is only available until December 12th (12/12)!
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