Connecting to the Fairy Kingdom

Are you longing to reactivate the magic and joy of life by deepening your connection with the fairies?

Would you like to embody greater harmony and empowerment by strengthening your relationship with the fairies/devas/spirits of the waters, the trees, air, Earth and the sacred fires?

During this free 4-day experience, you will learn how to enter the fairy kingdom, sip tea with the Fairy Queen High Council, work with the elementals to empower your magic, and receive the Fairy Wisdom of Joy Attunement.

Tuesday, September 26th to Friday, September 29th at noon Eastern time | 9 am Pacific
Mark your Calendars!

With the transformation on planet Earth ramping up, many people are feeling disconnected and overwhelmed. These feelings are a calling to reconnect to the spirit of your heart and your true mystical nature. This four-day experience will provide you with a whimsical, lighthearted way to connect to the fairy kingdom, receive blessings from the Fairy Queen High Council, reawaken the magic within you, and tap into the empowering and grounding energy of the elementals.

Fairy Kingdom Itinerary:

Tuesday, September 26th at 9 AM PST | 12 PM EST: Entering the Fairy Kingdom

Wednesday, September 27th at 9 AM PST | 12 PM EST: Sipping Tea with the Fairy Queen High Council

Thursday, September 28th at 9 AM PST | 12 PM EST: Working with the Elementals to Empower Your Magic

Friday, September 29th at AM PST | 12 PM EST: Fairy Wisdom of Joy Attunement and Q&A