Are you finding it difficult to feel loved or connected?

Do you feel like life isn’t going the way you want it to?

Is there a gift within you that you are having trouble realizing?

I understand that life can be very challenging. Life does not always feel good and sometimes we need more love and support. Coaching is a magical process in which someone is able to see you and your situation from the highest perspective, and lovingly hold space for you to see the same.

I am here to listen, stand with you in compassion, love and support you as you realize a higher truth and step into deeper faith. Awareness is the first step towards transformation. Loving whatever arises into awareness is the transformation. You always deserve more love, no matter what you are experiencing right now. The goal is to help you build a more whole and loving relationship with all that you are.

When you dedicate the time to inner self love, you begin to see that life has a plan for you that is more magnificent and fulfilling that any plan we can make for ourselves. Each obstacle along your path has been a beautiful gift—a call for you to love yourself even more. Love is the deepest healing of all. Love is the Master Healer.

Awaken Love Coaching provides a safe and open space for you to fully express yourself and be loved for all that you are. You will be provided with a "toolbox" full of useful practices, techniques, and resources including: guided meditations, yoga sets, enlightening books, tips to help reframe old beliefs systems, affirmations and mantras, techniques for deep self-love, angel card readings, breathing and energy clearing exercises, inner child healing as well as many other tools designed to assist you into relaxing into wholeness and experiencing your self-mastery.

You are your own Guru, you are a master of love.
I am here to support you as you realize this.

All coaching sessions are held via Skype and are 1 hour in length

Individual Sessions: $150 | Four weeks: $500 (save $100) | Eight weeks: $900 (save $300!)