“From the moment I connected with Hillary, I felt embraced by her love. Her warmth, deep passion, compassion and gentleness made my experience in the Awaken Love Yoga Teacher Training in Tuscany truly magical. You cannot call this just Yoga Teacher Training, it is so much more. Hillary has awakened my heart, mind, body and spirit. I am so grateful for this incredible gift.”

–Christina Cardoso, Business Woman and Graduate of the Awaken Love Yoga Teacher Training in Tuscany Italy 2015

“I began Hillary's Awaken Love teacher training program about one month after my father passed away. Without a doubt, the experience has helped me heal the wound of losing my father. The yoga teacher training helped me to create space in my life to really feel the emotions I was experiencing after losing a loved one. In a world where life can be so hectic and fast-paced, this was an invaluable blessing. In addition to being a space where I felt comfortable to experience my feelings, Hillary's Awaken Love teacher training program created an opportunity for me to step outside of my comfort zone and to channel my creative ideas into designing workshops and classes that I could share with my community. When I first started the yoga teacher training, I did not expect that I would be teaching yoga. I did it to take a deeper dive into meditation and yoga. By the end of the yoga teacher training program, I had already developed a group of clients and had designed two workshops ready to be shared with the public. I learned I CAN teach yoga. As a facilitator, Hillary makes one feel so special. She infuses the teacher training with little touches that go a long way and that makes one feel seen. This is because she truly does SEE you. I highly recommend The Awaken Love Yoga Teacher Training program. You will walk away having awakened to the love inside of you. She did this for me.”

– Sandra Pozzobon, Teacher

"Awaken Love Yoga teacher training will absolutely transform your life!!! Words cannot describe how blessed and grateful I am to have taken this training with the divine yoga instructor, Hillary Faye. She has created the most comprehensive yoga teacher training incorporating her extensive knowledge and wisdom by fusing yoga, meditation and many other spiritual tools to take you on a magical, one-of-a-kind journey into your heart. You dive deep into spiritual growth and immerse yourself in total bliss. Hillary’s unconditional love, compassion and genuine nature, not only make her a remarkable human being, but an invaluable spiritual teacher and life-long friend. Hillary’s beautiful, pure soul shines through in everything she did as she motivated, empowered and inspired me to transform my life and live the life of my dreams! Her commitment to each and every individual she interacts with speaks volumes to her dedication to spread the light and love all over the world! Thank you for guiding me, thank you for awakening the light I had within, thank you for showing me to spread my wings and fly, thank you for the unconditional love and support through EVERYTHING."


Kiera has created a self-published e-book, offered many workshops and is now teaching yoga and meditation in two yoga studios since her graduation from the Awaken Love YTT in December 2014.

“Having the ability to connect with Hillary is the best part of my day. She is kind, warm, and you can immediately feel her bliss. Hillary has a gift of making others feel safe and comfortable. I have always felt appreciated by Hillary, which is a special quality for me to experience. Hillary is committed to helping others. Her passion shows through her willingness to give her time as an advocate for mental and spiritual health. Meeting Hillary was truly a gift from divine Creator, one I relish. I hope you take the opportunity to learn from her as I have.”

-Gregg Angel Martinez, MACL Counselor

"Hillary is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever connected with. I have been taking yoga for many years, but I feel something very different when I work with her. Her energy is so loving and she holds a space for you to feel safe as you open your own energy field. It is very clear that she has been working in the healing arts for quite some time. After her sessions, I feel light, full of love and as if my body has just gotten a physical and energetic massage. I also love her heart opening meditations...truly transformative!!! Thank you Hillary for being a beautiful teacher on my path.”

-Jan Dismukes, Businesswoman Los Angeles, CA.

“I just love going to Hillary's yoga class. She combines the ancient wisdom of kundalini and the beautiful movements of vinyasa and also adds essential oils and crystals to this very complete one hour experience. I come out feeling wonderful. “

-Rev. Danielle Marie, Spiritual Director of the Temple of Light Lake Forest, CA.

“Hillary Pike is one of the most beautiful people I have ever known, inside and out. She is truly an amazing yoga instructor. The first time I took her class, I honestly felt the Holy Spirit moving through me. I had never felt more relaxed, calm and at peace than I did afterwards. I admire her teaching ability’s. I highly recommend Hillary Faye to all of my friends, family and anyone who is taking the time to read this."

– Jessica Free, Business Owner Huntington Beach, CA.

"Hillary’s ever-present flowing love is abundant as she facilitates, teaches, holds space for learning, and opens complete universal guidance to flow through the entire process of her 200 hour yoga teacher training. My personal practice is more present than ever, my every cell has changed from the powerful tools and commitment of the teacher training, as my breath and thoughts are more in “yoga”. I am over pouring with the love all around me and showering me with kindness and abundance, I'm passing it around and radiating it out and around to everyone, as my cup runith over! Hillary is angelic humanness in every aspect of her YTT course. I am grateful that Hillary has continued to support and help, assist and teach me all the time, even after the training!"


Vanessa is now offering workshops, private healing sessions and classes since her graduation from the Awaken Love Yoga Teacher Training.

“Hillary Pike is a profound spiritual guide and yoga instructor. I have taken a number of her classes and every time I come into the room the energy feels light and cleansed. Not only is her spirit rare, and filled with the healing energy each of us needs more in our daily lives, but her practice and teaching techniques are like none I have encountered. Her meditations are incredible and take you into a very safe, deep space that allows for clarity, peace of mind, and peace of heart. I can’t wait to take her next offering!”

-Theresa Bierek, Businesswoman Los Angeles, CA.

"Hillary has been my guide, my inspiration, and my greatest teacher of all. I am forever grateful for her presence along my path. She helped me start living the life of my dreams!"

- Sara Sanguino, Web Designer